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  • PRO/ALL> New in IJID (01): January 2020
    Wed, 01 Jan 2020 10:25:25 -0500
    Tuberculosis, Antimicrobial resistance, Other Human Disease, Pneumonia, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Q Fever, HIV/AIDS, Measles, Influenza, Dengue, Hepatitis B, Hantavirus, Gastroenteritis, Schistosomiasis, Leishmaniasis, Chikungunya, Rickettsia -- Syria
    Frequent testicular involvement in multibacillary leprosy
    Hendra Gunawan, Pati Aji Achdiat, Rachel Marsella Rahardjo, Reti Hindritiani, Oki Suwarsa
    International Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 90, January 2020, pp. 60-64

    Antibiotic use among hospitalized adult patients in a setting with limited laboratory infrastructure in Freetown Sierra Leone, 2017-2018
    Sulaiman Lakoh, Olukemi Adekanmbi, Darlinda F. Jiba, Gibrilla F. Deen, Wadzani Gashau, Stephen Sevalie, Eili Y.

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